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Brochure Design Introduce Your company

A brochure is an informative paper document (often also used for advertising), that can be folded into a flyer, pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures are advertising pieces mainly used to introduce a company or organization and inform about products and/or services to a target audience.

In today’s competitive era, a brochure design is one of the major marketing tools. A good quality brochure plays a major role for your marketing campaign. Since, it is an important way of marketing your product; you need to understand what goes into creating an impressive brochure. Once you have decided upon creating a brochure design, it is important that you determine your target audience. It is crucial to know your target’s likes and preferences so that it gets relatively easier for you to design a brochure.

Brochure design is a stronger tool for marketing as it interacts directly with the customer; it makes the communication between an organization and its target audience effective and efficient as compare to other marketing tools such as billboards and electronic or print advertisements. A brochure design is a detailed version of the product's promotion.

You can't explain the benefits or features of your products in a great detail through billboards or print advertisement. Brochures are an amalgamation of sound graphics and content. Both these features accumulatively add value to the advertised product or service. You can also elaborate those attributes of your organization or products that make you stand out from your competitors, in detail.

How Does a Brochure Design Service Benefits Your Business

Shoppers are kinetic We aren’t always online. Even if you have your smart phone handy, sometimes it’s easier to pick up paper. Prospects hang onto paper more–so long as it is well-written and has a great design (that’s why copywriters and web designers must work together).

Face-to-face connection When we’re face-to-face with a prospect, it’s nice to be able to hand over/lean over or pass something physical between you. Besides the connection that is communicated by the body language here, the sales team also looks professional to the prospect; a brochure helps you come across organised and prepared for a sales conversation, and there is still a connotation of “wealth” (success) by having something a brochure ready to go.

Win-Win for customer and vendor: another point of contact in the sales cycle These days you need more than 7 points of contact before a prospect trusts you. Having a brochure to send gives you a reason to touch back with your prospect. It allows you to give them more information, raise more objections and ask you more meaningful questions. This further the sales cycle for the sales professional and most importantly: it’s better for the customer who’ll be able to make a more educated purchasing decision.

Ease of reading Unfortunately, not every company has mastered the Tangible Words Website Sales Tool Trifecta (we talk about this in our website content writing workshop). Too many websites are “too hard.” For example, when you just want to order from a menu, you want to have the menu in your hand; circle the product you love and thus be able to quickly find it and order the same thing next time. Brochures allow you to do this much more easily than websites. And if you’re thinking this only works for cafes, you’re wrong. (Look at how many people still print out websites, emails and invoices.)

Tradeshows, workshops and seminars Think about prospect-movement: you’ll want to have some kind of sales tool that not only gives the prospect something to do, but gets them further into the sales cycle while they wait to speak with you.