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SMO (Social Media Optimisation)

SMO or Social Media Optimisation, Using Social Media to Spread Awareness

In the advertising world, the latest kid on the block is Social media marketing. If you have your ownbusiness, you probably would want to put it online. And once you have done that, you probably would need to promote it. Online marketing seems to be exciting and fun, because well it's new and everyone seems to be doing it. But it means splat without a proper strategy backing it up, which makes it a little bit problematic. Also the incessant amount of online presence required can drive you to the edge.
No matter what the flock is doing, social networking is definitely a great place online to market yourself or your product or to establish and online presence. They can have multiple roles, they can be used to build relationships and connect with a plethora of population, home and abroad. And yes, like everyone else is saying, they are immensely attractive platforms forsocial media marketing.
Probably anything about social media marketing is not enough said until facebook is mentioned, the Giant among all other networking websites; which gives it hype among other marketing platforms. Twitter on the other hand is a more measure and smart approach to marketing; it helps create a brand image, or presence, in an attention grabbing way.
This is where SMO or Social Media Optimisation comes in handy. SMO or Social Media Optimisation comes from Search Engine Marketing, but the way they help market their products have traditionally been different. One uses search engines, the other, direct interaction. However both working in sync can bring immediate success and this is what we At AssureOnlineSolutions guarantee to our clients.

How does SMO or Social Media Optimisation work?

Social Media Optimization Service is a smart marketing technique which utilises advertising channels like networking mediums, media files, video's, social tagging, photo sharing websites and popular chatting and other such sites. A wide plethora of options can be exercised including perhaps engaging the blogosphere with regular posts linked back to your company or product, using RSS as a means and other search engines which track back to these blogs on their search listings.
At AssureOnlineSolutions we have the belief that SMO is an inherent element and a part and parcel of online reputation management strategy for companies who are out there, devoted to make their brand value and online presence become large.