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We are creative and best in Logo design, Web graphic design, Interface design and search engine optimization (SEO). We have right designers who are excelling in usability and up to date with web accessibility guidelines.

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Website Designing

Website Designing: We Do It Just the Way You'd Want It

Website development is a lot like cooking dinner, you have the occasion, the menus, and all that's missing are the chefs and the Magic Ingredients. But be it the exotic spices of web designing like high-tech applications and fabulous chefs of designing like well-experienced and seasoned website designers, we have it all.
So take a deep breath, good quality and on time delivery is guaranteed, and to add to the flavouring we ensure you have a say in every step of the process. So we can tailor make the product to your niche requirements.

Designing a framework based on consumer's requirements:

This is a key part of the whole process; we need to understand what exactly you have in your mind. Just let us know what functionalities and services are you planning to offer to your end consumer, also the design parameters you want us to set, themes, styling etc.? This helps us in narrowing down to your niche and to design a website around your needs and wants.
Here we try to set down a simple framework for the website, like your choice of colours, number of web pages, Home Page requirements, links, and navigational components.

Adding a mix of colour to the framework

The next step involves creating unique content for you're under development website; here our content writing team comes into play. Here they understand your product and services and deliver content accordingly.
Now comes the interesting part, the design part. We start with creating a base design, working on all the pages and their content. We try mapping your individualism and your requirements with our designs on your website. Just to add that extra touch.
Then we give you a sneak peek into your developing site. And we take your suggestions, font style too boring? Icons too gaudy, sure, you want a small tweak or a major overhaul, we do it all. We won't move to the next step until you feel completely at ease.
With design being done, content approved, now our in house gurus come into play, converting and building your pages in HTML coding, storing all font faces, styles and colours using CSS to ensure uniformity, thus guaranteeing that your site would be easily published on the internet.

A quick systems check to make sure we did it right

Now with us alongside, you will check the site for any errors and ensuring its functionality and aesthetic appeal, checking compatibility across various browsers, search engine readiness, all in all the whole deal. Once this is done, all files and scripts will be transferred to your domains, all your files and administrative account details will be delivered to you via a zipped archive. We don't bow out yet, we'll continue monitoring, keeping an eye out for any glitch.
It happens just as we say; you can stay assured!